"Ceramica Plus"

The CeRamICa project, financed by the European Territorial Cooperation Programme INTERREG IVC, aims

to preserve and revitalize ceramics & traditional small crafts, which are significant elements of our common European

heritage. Our wide partnership, 12 local and regional governments and public institutions, from 9 European

countries offering a perfect balance between Eastern and Western societies and traditions, has been working since

2009 on finding effective solutions and tools that can help creative industries, ceramics and small crafts become real

economic driving forces in their respective local and regional economies by sharing and exchanging knowledge &

experiences among them.

On 6th & 7th April 2011, our project, currently in its final stretch, will hold in its partner city Alcobaça, in

Portugal, a major event, with the participation of other similar EU- INTERREG projects and experts. The CeRamICa

partnership wishes to disseminate the results achieved during the three years of cooperation as well as to share and

debate in public panels the policy recommendations and the good practices that could be referenced by similar

projects. A European Press Conference will be held on Wednesday, 6th April, 12.30 am.

Alongside with the Open Conference, our event will inaugurate an interactive exhibition on ceramics &

handcrafts sampling best practices identified all over Europe hosted in the Monastery of Alcobaça from 6th to 9th

April 2011.