Naujoji Vilnia Culture Centre

     Naujoji Vilnia Culture Centre implement culture policy of Vilnius City in accordance with the City Strategic Plan and its priorities as well as represent culture in local, national and international projects, festivals and other events.

      Mission of Naujoji Vilnia Culture Centre is to enrich public life, to bring together representatives of various creative activities, to involve the society into creative world and to develop leisure culture.

Naujoji Vilnia Culture Centre aid the citizens to realise their culture and leisure needs by providing the following services:

1. Promotion of the culture and customs of Lithuanian nation as well as other nations and countries;

2. Promotion and development of art amateurs’ movement;

3. Taking care of citizens’ culture recreation and entertainment as means of satisfying human leisure needs.


Activity tasks:

1. Initiation and realization of public events, actions, festivals as well as other civic and creative projects;

2. Promotion of communities’ cooperation with national institutions;

3. Promotion of cooperation with other institutions;

4. Dissemination of information on good practice activities;


The trends of activity include:

  1. Preparation of stage arts projects (dance, video, music);
  2. Presentation of foreign stage arts projects;
  3. Implementation of joint projects with foreign partners;
  4. Preparation and coordination of educational stage arts projects and programmes;
  5. Accumulation and dissemination of information on stage arts;
  6. Provision of cultural and creative public services.


     The community of Naujoji Vilnia is multicultural. Apart from Lithuanians an important role is played by Russian and Polish national minorities. With regards to the fact Naujoji Vilnia Culture Centre is involved not only in the development of Lithuanian stage arts (dance, video, music) but the stage arts of other nations as well.

     Naujoji Vilnia Culture Centre implement socialisation policy of children, youth and all other community members with the choreography and other stage arts being the basis for it. That is the language of the dance which unites the multicultural society into a unanimous community and is comprehensible for all the nations.

     Naujoji Vilnia Culture Centre is gaining the trust and respect of the community every year over and over. The significance of the institutions is justified by active involvement of the citizens into mass events and cultural activities which are complemented by the variety of styles and genres of amateur arts groups: workshops (choreography, music, theatre), clubs (amateurs of stage arts and sports), amateur arts groups representing diverse cultures of the city and classes (the piano, the accordion, the English language).